Buying Curbing and need some advice

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Buying Curbing and need some advice

Postby fmrock » Wed May 26, 2010 7:38 pm

Hey everyone... I live in south florida and I am looking to put some curbing in at my house. I got a bunch of estimates and found someone I want to use.

Here are my questions.

I am getting a stamped pattern with 2 colors and sealed.

they use lil bubba equipment and they have 2 size slant molds to choose from. One is 3.5 tall and the other is 4.5 tall. I have 320 feet to put down and the price is 1100 for the 3.5 and 1400 for the 4.5.

Is this just a preference thing .. about looks or is there other advantages with one size over the other.

I am leaning towards the bigger size, but 300 less for 1 inch difference is quite a savings.

Do any of you have photos of the 3.5 installed. I saw a sample piece in my yard, but still not the same as seeing it complete.

Thanks for your help
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